Welcome to the PediaTrac Project!

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Let's track development!

The PediaTrac project is a multi-disciplinary project dedicated to creating a comprehensive, user-friendly tool for tracking infant development across key domains. 



Where this all started.....

A multi-disciplinary team saw the need for a user-friendly tool for parents to track infant development that would provide comprehensive information about current infant development, as well as identification of trajectories predictive of risk for atypical development in multiple domains of development such as motor, language, and social functioning.

An online questionnaire was developed for multiple developmental domains and across multiple time periods from 0-18 months.    


Pilot study...

In order to establish the validity of our developmental tracking tool, we reached out to the greater Michigan community, as well as families across the country, and recruited families with infants 0-18 months. Our wonderful volunteer families completed our developmental tracking tool questionnaires as well as validated developmental questionnaires for one or multiple time periods. Our pilot study was completed in December of 2016. Since then, we have worked with a multi-disciplinary team to analyze the data and refine the tool to be more user friendly and psychometrically sound. 

171 families across the country contributed to our pilot study

171 families across the country contributed to our pilot study


Where we are now...

After publishing our initial results (see our list of publications), we are currently invested in exploring options for expanding the study to a larger sample. Our hope is that we are able to not only recruit a larger sample, but also recruit at-risk populations to establish risk trajectories with our developmental tool. Additional goals include integrating PediaTrac into electronic medical records across clinical sites and developing the tool for use in different languages. 

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